Integrative Psychiatry

Psychiatry should move away from unproven treatments, like it moved away from psychoanalysis.

Psychiatry hasn’t had the best reputation for a long time. The practice has sat under a cloud made up of poor understanding, stigma and many dangerous, often cruel treatments. Psychiatric patients are truly among the most vulnerable and underserved in the field of medicine, and many struggle on a daily basis. To make matters worse, there is a massive cadre of integrative practitioners, proponents, and related companies who are promoting and practicing what they call integrative psychiatry.

(Note that integrative psychiatry should not be confused with integrated psychiatry, which is merely the placement of psychiatrists into other patient care environments to increase access.)

A (very) brief history of mental illness

A trepanation hole, a prehistoric treatment for mental illness still used by some who should know better, today.

From ancient times until the middle

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