Integrative medicine advocates react to criticisms of the Samuelis’ $200 million gift to UC-Irvine

[Editor’s note: This post might seem familiar to some because it appeared on my not-so-secret other blog in other forms. I apologize, as I pride myself on producing new material for SBM every week, but I do have a good excuse. I’m currently in Manchester, England, having just finished attending QEDCon, where I gave a talk on integrative medicine. There just wasn’t time to do more material.]

John Weeks has long been an activist for what is now known as “integrative medicine,” earlier known as “complementary and alternative medicine”(CAM). Basically, for many years Mr. Weeks has been at the forefront of encouraging the “integration” of quackery with real medicine and promoting what I like to refer to as “quackademic medicine,” a perfect term to describe the increasing encroachment of pseudoscience and quackery in medical academia in the form of—you guessed it—integrative medicine. Despite his having zero background in scientific research

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