How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast Cheap and Easy – Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas

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How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast Cheap and Easy – Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas


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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas

These wingless, spooky insects called fleas can give you sleepless nights! Fleas love to survive in warm vertebrates and,

therefore, in their dogs, rabbits, cats and, in fact, even you can be their host.

One reason for their overwhelming presence in your home is the fact that flea eggs can fall anywhere in your home.

These eggs become larvae and finally fleas. What is irritating is that flea eggs can remain inactive for more than a year and that is why sometimes,

when you have treated your home and feel that it is now free of fleas, they appear out of nowhere!

And that is why you need to regularly monitor and clean your home frequently once you have eliminated the fleas.

Here are some effective home remedies for fleas, with which you can not only kill fleas but also control their recurrence.

Dish soap

This home remedy against fleas involves the creation of a flea trap with soap to wash dishes and a little water.

All you have to do is fill a plate or bowl with a mixture of warm water and

soap to wash dishes and place it in the rooms of your home that receive the most flea activity.

Dish soap and water solutions act as a glue, trapping fleas due to the high viscosity of the solution.

You must repeat this method with a new batch every day.

For this flea home remedy to work effectively, it must be done at night.

This is because, for the most part, fleas are nocturnal creatures.

It has been suggested that placing a candle near the solution will help this remedy against natural fleas,

but this is not advisable due to the possible risk of fire that can cause a naked flame and without supervision.

Salt remedy to get rid of fleas

A common ingredient such as salt can get rid of hard fleas, especially your carpets.

How does it happen? Salt becomes a dehydrating agent for fleas and dries their bodies.

So, how to use this economical way to control fleas? This is what you should do.

Take this:

Salt of a table or any of the marine salts (you will need much amount depending on the size of an area where you need to splash salt to kill fleas)

Large bottle of spices with a shaker

Do this:

See if your salt is finely ground or not. If not, mix it to obtain a fine salt powder.

Fill your spice bottle with this salt leaving a small room on the top so you can shake and sprinkle the salt with it.

Sprinkle the salt on your carpets in each room. The salt should cover the area evenly.

Leave for 12 to 48 hours.
After 1-2 days, inhale well.

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