How Seniors Can Develop a Resilience Toolkit

Life is full of ups and downs, but people have an uncanny ability to get up, dust themselves off and keep going. It’s this ability to continue in the face of adversity that is such an important trait in people of all ages, but especially in seniors who are dealing with greater health and financial issues, the passing of friends and loved ones, and in some cases increased social isolation.But are people born resilient, or is this a skill that is developed?Are You Born Resilient?Last year, Edith Cooper, the Global Head of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs wrote an article entitled “The Resilience Toolkit” in which she argues that resilience is not an inherent personality trait but a skill that can be developed.A study on the impact of resilience among older adults by MacLeod et. al., was recently published in Geriatric Nursing and substantiates Cooper’s belief, finding that while resiliency

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