How Rising Obesity in Seniors Burdens Caregiver Systems

Putting a loved one in senior living can be challenging, but finding care for family members who are obese can not only be challenging, but time-consuming and costly. Learn more about America’s next big problem with the aging nation: rising obesity in seniors.America is aware we have an obesity problem. We’ve been busy solving for childhood obesity, but the senior obesity debacle has recently been scaled-up — literally.Rising Obesity in Seniors Burdens Caregiver SystemsOvertaking the shadow of the slight senior is one of the obese senior — a result of a large elderly diabetic population, in addition to disability and other weight-related ailments. Senior living communities are increasingly overwhelmed — not to mention, unprepared — to care for this new trend of morbidly heavy seniors.According to the National Institute of Health, the percentage of those seniors entering nursing homes who are moderate and severely obese — with a body mass index of 35 or greater —…

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