How I’m making my 50s better than my 40s

Remember your 40s? I certainly remember mine…

And although I’m approaching the middle of my fifth decade, I’m feeling just as good as I did a decade ago.

I credit this well-being with recognizing the need to make some lifestyle adjustments as I became more “chronologically established” in middle age. So here are 11 things I’m doing for my health in my 50s that I wasn’t doing in my 40s… and why.

I’m lifting heavier

As you age your muscle loss accelerates due to a process called sarcopenia (“age related muscle loss”). So it’s important to keep weight training and lifting as heavy as possible as you get older.

Maintaining muscle is not just a vanity quest. The benefits as you age are many including increased testosterone, less fat (and estrogen), reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, and better stability and balance. Men who weight train also have a longer life

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