Heart Attacks Can Be Predicted Months Before Your HAIR Will WARN YOU!

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Heart Attacks Can Be Predicted Months Before Your HAIR Will WARN YOU!

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Heart Attacks Can Be Predicted Months Before Your HAIR Will WARN YOU! Here’s How

Our body is a factory that works tirelessly.

When something does not work well on the body, it shows warning signs.

The signs should never be taken lightly.

Unlike the common cold or other diseases, heart attacks can be difficult to detect.

However, a team of researchers has discovered that it is possible to predict a heart attack months in advance.


Heart attack or myocardial infarction is the leading cause of death worldwide,

According to the WHO In the United States, more than 610,000 people die of this disease every year.

Myocardial infarction refers to the death of a part of the heart muscle

due to a blockage of blood flow to the heart.

This interruption of blood flow is the result of blockage of a coronary artery,

caused by blood clots or plaque (buildup of fat) on the walls.

This cardiovascular disease mainly affects men over 50 and women between 65 and 70 years.

However, younger people can also have a heart attack.

Namely, days, weeks and even months before a heart attack occurs,

Your body will give you some warning signs.

And one of the signs can be found in your hair:

your hair will contain higher levels of the hormone cortisol,

which is a warning sign of heart attacks!

High levels of cortisol can usually be measured through the blood,

urine or saliva samples in days/hours before a heart attack occurs,

but the hair is completely different.

Hair samples may show high cortisol levels weeks or months before your heart attack occurs.

A 6-inch thread is sufficient for this purpose.

This was demonstrated by an investigation that focused on analyzing

hair samples of 56 people who had a heart attack and then compare them with hair

of people who never suffered a heart attack, but who had other health problems.

In addition to your hair, four of the main symptoms of heart attack are:

Chest pains, even though any pain in the chest does not necessarily mean you have a heart attack.

You may also feel pain in your neck, arms, back, and even your jaw.

The second sign is sweating and nausea, the third is trouble breathing and the fourth is stomach problems.


It is possible to reduce the risk of heart attack by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Include a little exercise in your daily schedule to control your weight,

Keep your heart healthy and prevent many diseases such as overweight, diabetes, etc.

It is also necessary to control blood pressure,

cholesterol and blood sugar, factors involved in the occurrence of heart attacks.

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