Health Wonk Review for September 9, 2015

Selfies: Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t escape them these days. Everywhere you turn, seems there’s someone composing a duck face for their eager followers.

And come on folks, let’s just admit right now that we’re all guilty of the occasional hastily composed, hand-held shot. It’s the perfect way to provide our status to our beloved family, friends and co-workers without – you know – having to actually make a phone call.

(If you think about it, we’re actually doing folks a favor by sending selfies and keeping them in the loop. Heck, they should probably be called selfless-ies.)

Inspired by the EyeSelfie

Right. So I actually dubbed this week’s edition of Health Wonk Review The Selfie Edition after I was inspired by David Williams’ thought-provoking post at Health Business Blog. In Ready for the EyeSelfie for diagnosing health problems? Harlow informs us that we’re not that far from being able to diagnose health problems with “selfies” of the…

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