Harnessing the healing power of the placebo effect

“It was only the placebo effect.”

I hear those words coming out of the mouths of scientists and doctors again and again.

And every time I hear them, it leaves me flabbergasted. Like the placebo effect is just a pesky barrier to their efforts to find real medicine…

But “real medicine” these days translates to big pharma, patents, prescriptions and profits. That benefits somebody, but not necessarily you.

Despite what they’d have you believe, the placebo effect is powerful medicine in its own right. And it’s getting more powerful every day…

Last year, researchers analyzed 23 years’ worth of clinical trials on pain medicines, all of which used a placebo as a control. Their findings, which were published in the journal Pain, showed that 20 plus years ago, pain medications were 27 percent more effective than sugar pills at reducing pain. In 2013, they were only nine percent more effective.


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