Guns and the Senior with Dementia

Like many Americans today, guns were a big part of Franklin Poston’s life. He grew up on a farm and as an adult, he spent time at gun ranges perfecting his aim. Franklin also spent weeks polishing his guns before each hunting season.“Every picture I have of him he’s holding a bird or a deer he shot,” says his daughter, Alyson Poston, who was four when she received her first rifle as a present from her dad. So when Franklin was diagnosed at age 61 with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and his usually sharp mind began to sputter, his family faced the daunting question, “What do we do with Dad’s guns?”Gun Ownership and Risks to a Senior with DementiaThere were a lot of them. There was the handgun kept in the bedside table. There were the half dozen rifles on proud display in his office. Up in the attic, tucked away in ice

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