Glyphosate and Fungicides Attract Honey Bees To Them – Bee Decline

By Natural Blaze

Turns out that Monsanto’s Big Ag weedkiller and fungicides might lure bees like….well, like a flower to a bee. And like a sweet poison…

Recently, we reported the a surprising culprit behind the bee decline might actually be fungicides.  It does appear that fungicides were an overlooked poison to the bees and there might now be a connection. Just on the heels of this discover, we find more disturbing news…

The journal Scientific Reports states this alarming conclusion,

When given the choice, honey bee foragers prefer to collect sugar syrup laced with the fungicide chlorothalonil over sugar syrup alone.”

Recent studies have linked fungicides to declines in honey bee and wild bee populations. One recent study, for example, found parallels between the use of chlorothalonil and the presence of Nosema bombi, a fungal parasite, in bumble bees. Greater chlorothalonil use also was linked to range contractions

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