Former President Jimmy Carter Visits 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

Ten-year-old Carter Beckhard-Suozzi’s dream has been to meet former President Jimmy Carter for a few years. And not long ago, he got his wish granted from the aptly named Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he was whisked to the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Jimmy Carter, who is also a cancer survivor, rushed to give the young boy a “warm hug” as soon as they saw one another.

Beckhard-Suozzi’s mother, Jane, said:

“It’s just been incredibly uplifting to be able to experience a trip like this and be free from everything Carter has been going through. And to meet President Carter and everything he’s done for this world, we were just in awe and the more we learned, we were more in awe.”

Beckhard-Suozzi is currently in remission from Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He was diagnosed in 2015 and after five months of chemotherapy, his doctors declared him cancer free. Former President Carter immediately asked the boy how he was

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