Five “Life Extension” Garden Vegetables To Plant In 2018

There’s no doubt about it: the health benefits of nutrient-dense, fresh, organic produce is a keyreason to break out the gardening tools each season.

Purchased produce simply doesn’t have as many nutrients as the veggies that come from our gardens. Commercial growers typically choose varieties that mature quickly, produce heavily, and give a uniform, visually-appealing fruit–all factors that come at the cost of nutrient density. As well, commercial growers often engage in practices that strip nutrients from the soil, which means the vegetables they grow have nowhere to absorb nutrients from. Finally, harvested vegetables

“Getting high-quality nutrients from key garden vegetables is the single best way to maximize genetic expression for longer and healthier life.”

lose moisture and nutrients over time, as part of a process called respiration. The longer veggies sit between harvest and table, the more nutrients they lose.

For these reasons, freshly-picked home-grown vegetables are inherently healthier

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