EPA Relaxed Dicamba Regulations Following Monsanto Research, Records Show

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

In case anyone might be surprised to learn that the EPA eased regulations on the toxic and volatile herbicide dicamba after receiving industry research from Monsanto, reports are surfacing that the government agency did just that.

Indeed, the agency weakened protections the agency itself set for crops and wildlife habitats after Monsanto presented its own research that showed lower estimates of how far the chemical can drift.

In short, the research that Monsanto provided to the EPA and that the EPA based its revised decisions upon is in conflict with research that was conducted by independent researchers and organizations. No surprise there.

As Johnathan Hettinger writes for Sustainable Pulse and Investigate Midwest,

“The EPA expects that exposure will remain confined to the dicamba (DGA) treated field,” the agency wrote in the final registration approving the use of dicamba in November 2016.

However, drift from

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