Ending Back Pain Holistically and Permanently – Andrea Saliba (Oct 2019)

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“Ending Back Pain Holistically and Permanently” is the presentation given by Andrea Saliba at the October 17, 2019 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto, CA.

Andrea will discuss the findings of L’Plumb Institute in France based on thirty years of longitudinal research studying the spines of people in developing countries such as rural India, Africa, South America where they have no incidence of back pain. She will explain how this spinal alignment relates to our current modern posture and what you can do about it. This talk will be informative for not just people who want to reverse back pain and tension but also for people who want to reverse premature aging, avoid injury and get more flexible and fit!

As the founder of MindfullyFit, Andrea relays the truth that good posture is the foundation for optimal fitness and pain-free living. Coupled with her deep training in ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, Pilates and Yoga, Andrea founded MindfullyFit in 2002 to help revolutionize the fitness industry with her posture-based approach to getting fit. With the launch of her book, MindfullyFit, Four Steps to Moving Correctly, Avoiding Back Pain and Dancing to Get Fit, Andrea will educate the industry about the importance of posture and develop a certification program for yoga studios, fitness clubs and professionals throughout the world. She has worked as an educator for over 17 years including at Stanford University School of Medicine’s Health Improvement Program, Health Fitness Corporation, Baysport and SMB Fitness.

About Andrea Saliba

With an honors degree in Philosophy from Wellesley College, Andrea Saliba has always been obsessed with knowledge, ethics and the truth. As a dancer trained in jazz dance, she became confused when she encountered back pain and tension from simply breastfeeding her baby twenty-one years ago. As most people do, she went to the chiropractor weekly and received temporary relief but not full resolution of the back pain.

Her curiosity, thirst for knowledge and desire for postpartum recovery led her on a deep study and exploration of yoga, Pilates and a posture method that changed her life. This posture method helped her find her natural alignment while sitting, standing, bending, walking, driving and sleeping. After learning this method, Andrea had no more back pain or tension and never needed to see the chiropractor again. She found her calling by sharing this method with the world to help people live without pain or tension. She founded MindfullyFit so that people could find comfort and feel empowered in their bodies. She used her background in pioneering emerging concepts to educate all people, especially fitness and yoga professionals about the importance of posture and natural alignment. For 17 years, she has been dedicated to this calling, helping people understand the truth about posture and being a healer of back pain.

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