Egyptian Priest Who Introduced Atlantis to the world: Sonchis of Sais

Every time we think about Atlantis—the fabled lost city/continent—we think about Plato, the man who described its existence in his work Critias and Timaeus.

But have we ever asked ourselves where does the original story from Atlantis come from?

Plato did not invent Atlantis as many believe, but the story of the existence of this ‘mythical’ city/continent can be traced back in history.

To understand more about Atlantis, we must venture out and learn more about Solon, a highly-respected and well known Greek Statement who lived between 638 BC – 558 BC.

Solon was a famous lawgiver of Athens, and he was notable for his poems and writings.

As explained by Plato, Solon travels to ancient Egypt to learn more about the history of its country, and look for potential trading outposts between Greece and Egypt.

It is believed that in an ancient tale, Solon wrote about the mythical city-continent of Atlantis—an elusive empire

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