Eating Gut, Health, and Metabolic Endotoxemia – Roland Pankewich (Jan 2019)

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“Eating Gut, Health, and Metabolic Endotoxemia” is the presentation by Roland Pankewich at the January 17, 2019 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto, CA.

The gastrointestinal system or the “gut” as its commonly referred too has become a major new frontier of research and action when it comes to health and wellness. While many hear small sounds bites of action items here and there, very few are looking at this in a clinical way. In this lecture, Roland Pankewich CEO of Health Optimization Practice will paint the picture of how everything from the food we eat to the internal landscape of our “microbiome” plays a massive role in the overall status of our health and wellness. To round out the expose, the topic of metabolic endotoxemia which is one of the driving forces of sub-clinical inflammation will be examined as it has been connected to a multitude of chronic degenerative diseases.

Roland Pankewich is the CEO of Health Optimization Practice (HOPe). He lives in Toronto, Canada where he also will be opening the country’s first HOPe clinic this year. His background in clinical nutrition and functional medicine give him a wide scope of theoretical understanding on the topics of biochemistry as well as practical applications to client care. In addition to working with health-focused clients and athletes, Roland consults for health companies as an educator and content creator to support clinical practitioners all over the country while also maintaining his role as part owner/operate of RIPE nutrition, a Canadian-based organic food company.

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