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Juice recepies for diabetes.

Drink small amounts of juice. Limit the amount of juice you drink at any one time to about 4 to 8 oz

Drink juice with a meal. Doing so will help you get protein, fiber, and fat that could slow the bump in your blood sugar

To prepare this apple and beetroot juice we need
1. Beetroot – ½
2. Apple- 1
3. Carrot – 1 small
4. Lemon- ½
5. Mint- 3 to 4 strings
6. Ginger- ½ inch

1. Beetroot- Beetroot is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that have proven health benefits for everyone. Consuming beets appears to be especially beneficial for people with diabetes. Beets lower the risk of common diabetes complications, including nerve damage and eye damage

2. Apple- Apples are an excellent fruit to include in your diet if you have diabetes. Most dietary guidelines for diabetics recommend a diet that includes fruits and vegetables . While apples are unlikely to cause spikes in your blood sugar levels, they do contain carbs.

3. Carrot- Carrots are considered a non-starchy vegetable along with options such as broccoli and lettuce. These foods are safe for people with diabetes to eat at each meal without worry that glucose levels will spike

4. Lemon- lemons are diabetes superfood.. Although lemons and oranges have about the same amount of carbs, lemons have less sugar.

5. Mint- mint leaves contains natural antioxidants that fight diabetes, heart disease, aging, and cancer.

6. Ginger- it helps to lower your blood sugar levels and regulate insulin production.

1. Wash all the things . now cut all the veggies and fruit into lengthwise. Keep it aside.

2. Take a blender jar add one after the other and blend it.

3. Finally add lemon juice and mix well and pour in shot glass and serve immediately.

As it is tasty and healthy for ur health.
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