Dr. Berg Interviews Amy Berger on Alzheimers Disease &the Ketogenic Diet

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In this video, Dr. Berg interviews Amy Berger on Alzheimers Disease. The unique thing about on Alzheimers Disease is there is a sugar problem (Lack of Sugar). Somehow the cells or mitochondria could not get sugar and is basically starving which leads to losing the connection.

Dr. Eric Berg: Guys we are talking to Amy Berger and basically she is touching with amyloid plaqueing. There is a couple points about that sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. It is not the common threat, it is not the thing. There’s a lot of misunderstood about it and there’s more data that needs to be coming but that’s actually fascinating and then just to kind of summarize a couple of things, the unique thing about Alzheimers is there’s a sugar problem, there is a lack of sugar and it can be picked up in a PET scan of like an absence of sugar. Somehow the cells or mitochondria cannot get sugar and they are basically starving. right?

Amy Berger: Yea. That’s in the base of the review, that’s the problem in the brain.

Dr. Berg: And when they starve, they lose the connection. right? You got this communication connection synapses just kind of lose their communication lines.

Amy: Exactly. If people are not familiar with the shape of neuron very basic like, let’s say it looks like this. They have the cell body or their main part and it has all this little projections. And the projections are how these cells communicate with each other. The messengers are passed out of one and it received at the ends of another. And because of this energy shortage, this fuel crisis in the brain, it takes energy just to maintain the shape of this cells, just to maintain the structure requires energy. So when the brain is starting to lose the ability to have enough energy in order to keep the main part of the cell alive or the cell body, these neurons actually retract, these projections they called axons and dendrites. The cell would actually retract this in the cell body in order just to keep the cell alive. Now, all of these synapses, all of the projections where the cells are suppose to communicate are gone.

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