Doctor’s 3-step plan for sustained pain relief

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Like so many Americans, I have suffered bouts of low back pain throughout my life. Doctors are not immune, unfortunately. These have come on either because of strain from too vigorous exercise without ample warm-up, length of time sitting in poor posture at the office or car, and perhaps most often from stress-related issues.

Manual therapies help symptoms

I am a vocal advocate for the use of manual therapies to reduce pain, with the hope of being able to avoid altogether analgesic and anti-inflammatory pain relievers. Therapies that are terrific for helping lengthen constricted muscles, improve blood flow, work through adhesions of fascia and scar tissue, and includes sports massage, Active Release Technique (ART), Positional Release (PR), Rolfing, Muscle Energy Technique (MET), among others. Additionally, self-care therapeutic methods like stretching, foam rolling and yoga gar far in helping improve body function, reduce pain, and improve range of motion.


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