Doc Doc Zeus: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of Medical Boards

In the US, doctors are licensed to practice medicine by state medical boards. These boards can investigate complaints, discipline doctors, and suspend or revoke their licenses. I have often wondered about the many cases where the punishment doesn’t seem sufficient to fit the crime, or where the main crime goes unpunished and the doctor is instead punished for minor peripheral peccadillos like poor record-keeping. What is going on in those cases? What are the board members thinking? Are they doing what is convenient rather than what is right? How much is politics involved? Is legal maneuvering perverting justice?

Thomas Keech worked for 13 years as counsel to the Maryland State Board of Physicians. He knows the system from the inside. He has written a novel, Doc Doc Zeus, about a physician being investigated by the board. Fiction can go where non-fiction can’t. An omniscient narrator can tell us what really

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