Do You Have A Cheat Day?

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Have a Cheat Day once a week, and have some fun.

Cheat Day. It’s a brilliant idea, but I can’t take credit for it. My oldest son and his wife came up with Cheat Day.

If you are watching what you eat; keeping your carbs down; eating raw and organic whenever you can; taking supplements and detoxing regularly; and eating at home more than eating out – Hat’s Off To You! 

You are living a Win-Win lifestyle.

That said, it can be hard staying on a good diet in a world that promotes sugar-free, GMO, highly processed, lots of tasty carbs, and tempting, high calorie take-out.

Taking Your Supplements

Taking your supplements regularly is a key to good health.

When you commit to a healthy supplement program (vitamins, trace minerals, and detox supplements), I recommend taking your supplements regularly, but STOP taking them for two days each week. 


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