Deforestation Causing Extreme Summers Around the World

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

Despite all the scandals and hysteria, it appears that humans are indeed causing climate change. However, it is not because of lawnmowers, driving, or having the audacity to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature; nor does it have anything to do with human-produced Co2.

One significant danger to the Earth, long known to many legitimate environmentalists who did not get sidetracked by Al Gore and the Club of Rome, is deforestation.

Data released last week by NOAA shows that deforestation is having a significant effect on both the temperature or overall precipitation of the impacted regions. In some regions, deforestation doubled and even quadrupled the frequency of hot, dry summers.

The most extreme readings tended to be found in North America and Europe. NOAA used land surface and atmospheric models to determine the link between deforestation and extreme summers.

Here, the science is simple enough:

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