College student schooled not to use facts on prof

(Photo: Twitter)

A university student who was expelled from a theology class for nearly three weeks for reciting biological facts to the professor has been reinstated, just as another university was offering the opportunity to finish his studies there.

Lake Ingle was ordered by professor Alison Downie at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to leave the class after he pointed out that biologists recognize there are two sexes.

The university was going through a formal review of the actions by both the student and the professor when the school’s president, Michael Driscoll, abruptly stepped in and said Ingle would be allowed back to class.

The Washington Update by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council pointed out that another school was ready to step in.

“Our good friend, Oklahoma Wesleyan President Dr. Everett Piper, wants to invite Lake to a campus where his views won’t be punished,” Perkins wrote.

Piper said: “I’m officially offering Lake Ingle tuition waiver

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