Cleveland Clinic genetic experts call out functional medicine on worthless genetic testing and supplement prescribing

The MTHFR come-on.

Years ago, the late syndicated Chicago Sun-Times columnist Sydney Harris had a regular column he called “Things I Learned En Route to Looking up Other Things.” He filled it with bits and bobs of interesting information he’d come across while doing research for his reporting, such as this, from “Don’t get grabbed by the Japanese spider crab:”

the Japanese spider crab is the world’s largest crustacean, measuring up to 26 feet between the tips of its legs, with claws that may be 10 feet apart when in an offensive posture.

Earlier this week, I experienced a similar serendipity, although the subject was not crustaceans. I was researching genetic testing and its misuse in prescribing dietary supplements, a topic I previously addressed in a 2015 post titled “Dubious MTHFR genetic mutation testing,” and will soon write about again. (Stay tuned.) My research led to a

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