Chuck Norris states the obvious: We are what we eat

This week, on a tributary of the Amazon River deep in the jungle of Bolivia, we end our trek around the globe examining those places where people live longer and healthier. Here lives a group of approximately 16,000 indigenous people known as the Tsimane. They walk, ride bikes or canoe everywhere. Their staple foods are homegrown rice, plantains and corn. They have no electricity or running water. They catch whatever meat they eat. If they want meat, the average hunt for dinner lasts eight hours and covers 11 miles.

According to researchers from Arizona State University, they have the lowest reported levels of coronary artery disease of any population ever recorded. According to an NBC News report, an 80-year-old Tsimane has about the same heart and artery health as the average American in his or her 50s.

The Tsimane have been studied periodically since

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