Chuck Norris blasts ‘uncooperative’ flu season

Chuck Norris

The Olympic Winter Games of Pyeongchang will be the first Olympic Winter Games with over 100 gold medals up for grabs, which means lots of opportunities to recognize excellence and for awarding the best. Like any event of this magnitude, its share of challenges of a non-athletic nature will be faced during the course of the 17-day event. Lurking in the background of the Games’ quest to find the best is a subtle reminder of something worse.

It comes in the form of the highly contagious norovirus. As the Games began, this virus found a home at the Olympics and spread. At last report, this vomit-inducing, diarrhea-producing stomach bug had taken down 194 people at the Winter Olympics. As I write this, no reports of athletes getting sick have been reported. Thanks to counter measures, health officials believe the virus’ spread is slowing.

Norovirus is described

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