Chiropractor Lost His License; Patient Lost Her Uterus

Flowers of the bloodroot plant, Sanguinaria canadensis. You’re welcome, I could have used a very different image (warning: gross bordering on horrifying).

I first wrote about escharotic treatment for cervical dysplasia in 2015. A caustic substance is applied to the cervix. This produces an uncontrolled chemical burn and the dead tissue sloughs off, hopefully taking the abnormal cells with it. The standard treatment for cervical dysplasia is excision by cone biopsy or LEEP (Loop Electrocautery Excision Procedure). Escharotic treatment has not been proven as effective as excision, and it has several drawbacks. It requires multiple visits, is not covered by insurance, and the biggest problem is that there is no tissue sample to send to pathology to see whether abnormal cells remain. It was easy to predict that eventually some patients would develop invasive disease that might have been prevented by conventional treatment. That prediction has proven correct.


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