Chiropractor Disregards the Loss of His License, Continues to Treat Patients with Cervical Dysplasia with Escharotics

Chiropractor Nicholas LeRoy has a funny idea of what “closed” means.

A year ago, I wrote about Nicholas LeRoy, a chiropractor who calls himself a gynecologist and uses a potentially dangerous escharotic compound to treat cervical dysplasia (and also offers a lot of other questionable treatments and misinformation). I was not aware at the time that he had lost his license.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has taken disciplinary action against LeRoy three times:

In 2008, he was reprimanded and fined for violations of the medical practice act In 2010, he was reprimanded and fined for placing advertising without indicating that he was a chiropractor On Feb 24, 2016, his license was permanently revoked for conviction of armed robbery

Here is a screenshot listing those disciplinary actions.

The revocation is also reported here.

His website

LeRoy maintains an active website with a tab to

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