Child-Safe Kitchen Remedies For The Cold And Flu

Cold and flu season is upon us, and children tend to catch every little sickness that comes their way. While conventional medicine has its place and time, parents can turn to home remedies for kids when their children are feeling under the weather. Please check with your doctor first about these home remedies.

Sore Throats

At times, a sore throat can indicate strep throat. Symptoms of strep include pain while chewing or swallowing and a fever above 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Contact your doctor if you child is showing these signs of strep. But if it’s just a sore throat try these:

Echinacea. This should be the first choice for parents. Give your child Echinacea as soon as a runny nose or scratchy throat begins. You can use Echinacea tea or a safe dose of liquid Echinacea. Adults can take it in a capsule form. Honey and lemon. If your

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