CDC: The Smoking Rate Dropped to 15% in 2015

Adult smokers in the U.S. are kicking the habit at a rate that researchers haven’t seen in 20 years. The rate of smoking fell to 15% in 2015 due to the biggest 1-year decline in 2 decades.

The rate fell 2 percentage points from 2014, when approximately 17% of adults in a large national survey said they had recently lit up. The last time Americans kicked the habit at that pace was from 1992 to 1993, when the smoking rate dropped 1.5 percentage points, said Brian King of the CDC.

People have been tossing their packs of smokes in the trash for decades, but the smoking rate typically drops only 1 point or less than a year.

The statistic – which has experts a bit baffled – was announced by the CDC on May 24. The number is based on a large national survey which the government uses to measure

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