Castor Oil + Baking Soda! Powerful Combo That Can Heal Your Body Instantly

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Castor Oil + Baking Soda! Powerful Combo That Can Heal Your Body Instantly


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Heal Your Body Naturally With The Use Of Sodium Bicarbonate and Natural Castor Oil!

Our ancestors have been well informed about the benefits that castor oil has provided for centuries. It really is a powerful essential oil that can be used to treat numerous health problems, I would not believe that the number is 24!

In fact, Ricinus communis is a plant that is 50% natural castor oil. In the past, this oil was used to purge impurities from the body, improve blood circulation and as a method of natural beauty.

This incredible oil is a great solution for people who have any type of pain. Only apply it on the affected area.

In addition, you can make compresses that will increase the blood flow to your body naturally.

To make your own compresses, you will need gauze (or a basic cloth), a bowl of hot water, baking soda and some white kitchen papers.

Beaver oil –
Castor oil has become one of the main products of natural cosmetics. Used since ancient times, it is a versatile remedy that has proven its worth. The testimonies of its positive effects, in hair and skin, in particular, are numerous! As for its uses, you will find on my site many recipes to make the most of its virtues.

Why baking soda?
Baking soda is a basic ingredient. One must stay in the closet or in the pantry all the time!

The combination of castor oil and baking soda may seem strange at first. However, this is a very effective basis in home cosmetics. Natural and economical, you probably know sodium bicarbonate in the form of a white powder.

It is used especially for home care products, such as cosmetics, food, gardening, but also for healing.

Biodegradable, sodium bicarbonate or sodium, has no harmful effect. It only has incredible virtues and it is always good to have some at home.

First, clean the affected area with warm water and baking soda. Then, soak the cloth or gauze in the castor oil and apply it to the area. Then wrap the application with kitchen paper.

Next, place a bottle of hot water on the compressed section and leave it for half an hour.

Repeat this method daily for 40 days.

This method is also very useful in cases of varicose veins, premenstrual syndrome, digestion problems, and inflammation.

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