Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline

Cancer remains the number 2 killer in the US, causing 22% of all deaths, just behind heart disease at 23%. The American Cancer Society carefully tracks all cancer statistics as a way of gauging how we are doing in all aspects of the fight to reduce the cancer burden in the population. The latest statistics are available for 2015 and they show that recent trends have continued:

Cancer incidence and mortality rates from 1975 to 2015 (click to embiggen).

There is a lot to unpack in these numbers, and they are interesting for science-based medicine beyond just telling us how we are doing in the war on cancer. It is also interesting what the numbers do not show, but we will get to that below.

Cancer incidence

Here are the main findings of these latest statistics:

Over the past decade of data, the cancer incidence rate (2005-2014)

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