Canada: Flu Shot or Nasal Spray?

Winter weather can be a hazard for seniors for many reasons: falls are more likely to occur, isolation and loneliness skyrocket due to fear of traveling in winter conditions, and the flu can wreak havoc on a senior’s health.Over the past 60 years, the flu shot has been available in Canada and has protected many from its very worst symptoms. Yet there is still confusion – and even resistance – to the vaccine.Misconceptions Surrounding the Flu ShotStatistics Canada reports that flu vaccination rates among seniors are on the decline and during the 2013-2014 flu season, only 64% of seniors were vaccinated. Why is this?False facts and misconceptions about the flu shot have been circling for years, specifically the belief that the flu shot can give you the flu, or that the vaccine carries dangerous and unsafe additives.The flu, which is a respiratory disease, has some common symptoms, including:CoughFeverRunny noseSore throatYet it is often confused

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