California Gov’t Caught Building Housing on Contaminated Nuclear Test Sites

By Rachel Blevins

As the city of San Francisco attempts to build new government housing on a former nuclear test site, an investigation has revealed that the contractors who were supposed to clean up the area intentionally botched the work, even going as far as to swap soil samples from contaminated sites with clean ones.

NBC Bay Area reported that the U.S. Navy is now admitting that the work completed by Tetra Tech, the contractor it hired to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, resulted in “evidence of potential data manipulation and falsification.”

A comprehensive review of the radiological data Tetra Tech collected from 80 acres out of the shipyard’s nearly 1,000 acres of land was ordered by Navy consultants last year after there were accusations of widespread fraud.

While the local affiliate claimed that Navy officials caught Tetra Tech mishandling soil samples and falsifying data in several locations in

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