Bringing Home to the Holidays in Assisted Living

When you recall past holiday gatherings, maybe you can still see Mom baking cookies and stirring pots in the kitchen, or kids bounding out of bed and running into the living room at dawn on Christmas morning. Perhaps you cherish memories of decorating the Christmas tree or lighting the menorah as a family.Whatever your family’s tradition, it probably included food, gifts and relatives from near and far. However, now that your parent or other senior loved one lives in an assisted living community in another city, celebrating the holidays as a family isn’t as easy as it once was.Ways to Bring Home to the Holidays in Assisted LivingIf you plan to travel to visit your loved one but aren’t sure how to make the holidays special, consider these factors, along with a few different options for holiday celebrations:Consult Your Loved One FirstFor a loved one in assisted or senior living,

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