Bridging the Distance: Visiting Parents in Out-of-State Assisted Living

One of the benefits of assisted living is that the community offers socialization for seniors. “Living alone can be fine for some aging seniors, but if they’re not visiting with friends or family in between that alone time, it can truly affect their health,” writes Consumer Affairs reporter Daryl Nelson. For families living in a different state than an aging parent an assisted living community is an important way to ensure their loved one is cared for, engaged and happy.Learn more about bridging the distance by visiting parents in out-of-state assisted living.Socializing in Assisted LivingA study by the University of California recently showed how an aging senior’s feelings of loneliness aren’t only connected to living alone.Researchers stated that the results of the study showed that “43% of older adults felt lonely, even though they lived with someone,” which suggests that whether an older adult lives alone, with family or in an assisted living community…

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