Blueberries and Dark Chocolate Hold Powerful Properties

By Dr. Mercola

If you’re one who swoons over chocolate, you may be pleased to know there may be a scientific reason for it. In fact, researchers say potent compounds in dark chocolate as well as blueberries may contain secrets to staying youthful. Scientists from Exeter University in England, supported by colleagues at Brighton University, identified the compounds as a “secret” wrinkle-fighting substance because they help rejuvenate old cells.

In fact, lab research showed old cells both looking and “behaving” like younger cells, actually resuming dividing.1 Professor Lorna Harries, a director of research at Exeter and lead author in the study, explained that using plant chemicals effectively “switched back on” the major class of genes that switch off as you age, which may be used as a means to restore the function of old cells.

When lab scientists applied natural compounds found in red grapes, red wine, chocolate and blueberries,

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