Biotech CEO Injects Own Experimental Herpes Shot, Spirals Into Erratic Behavior

By Markab Algedi

A certain kind of new field of biotechnology is coming up now, and it is receiving some significantly negative publicity. It is a CRISPR-type, “biohacker” scene that seems to originate from Silicon Valley.

At the Austin, Texas “BodyHacking Convention” earlier this month, the CEO of biotech company Ascendance Biomedical took the stage. Aaron Traywick paced around nervously. He was about to inject himself with an experimental herpes vaccine, and it was last-minute. One of his peers was originally going to take it, but Aaron actually has herpes so it was decided that he would fulfill the task for his company.

On stage, he went on to inject his left thigh with the experimental herpes shot. It didn’t seem to work, because success hasn’t been mentioned and only negative press has followed the moment.

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He “quickly spiraled into erratic behavior” after administrating the herpes treating product to himself, and within a

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