Biohacks to Boost Fitness and Improve Your Sleep

By Dr. Mercola

Ben Greenfield, one of the top biohackers in the U.S. and founder of, has intriguing insights into health and fitness. 

The Benefits of Heart Rate Variability Testing

Heart rate variability (HRV) testing is another biohack Greenfield takes full advantage of.  Greenfield prefers an app called NatureBeat, available on both Android and iOS.

“The reason I use that … for self-quantification … is that unlike the ring, it allows me to delve into both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system strength (your low frequency or your high frequency power). That allows you to see which element of your nervous system may be affecting your heart rate variability.”

The NatureBeat app also provides special benefits for elite athletes. Greenfield explains:

“There are certain periods of time during the year, especially, leading up to important competitions, where I purposefully sustain a low heart rate variability for

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