Beyond Illness and Health Well-Being – Luis Arrondo (May 2018)

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“Beyond Illness and Health Well-Being” is a presentation given by Luis Arrondo, DC at the Silicon Valley Health Institute on May 17, 2018.

What if the attainment of health, as we commonly know it, is not an absolute?

When is an illness itself a cure? What lies beyond simply being healthy?

Join Doctor Luis Arrondo, DC, as he explores hidden connections between health, illness, and our well-being: our sense of self and purpose. His talk is based on the concepts and clinical experiences he shares in his revealing book Wolves, Gardens, and Chocolate.
Discover how a deeper understanding of the interconnection between our tissues, organs, systems, mind and life experiences can help to break through obesity issues, many chronic illnesses, increase energy, and lead to a life more satisfyingly lived. The wisdom of ancient cultures, Greek, Roman and others, are discussed in the light of what they can teach us about health and healing.

Based on over 20 years of clinical experiences with patients and as well as extensive medical research, he outlines connections between our molecular, biomechanical, systemic, psychological as well as spiritual dynamics. Learn they are intertwined in ways that can help us to move beyond frustrating barriers to chronic health issues.

“Fix the body to fix the fat” is something Dr. Arrondo tells his patients, and works with, to help sustained weight loss occur without hunger or discomfort. He also teaches them how to lose weight by eating chocolate – twice a day!

Dr. Luis Arrondo is a cum laude graduate of Parker University of Chiropractic. He has worked with Stanford Medical University’s Family Medicine Core Clerkship Program to help Stanford medical students learn more about alternative healing approaches when they visit his clinic.

He developed his expansive, multidisciplinary view of health and the body’s innate ability to heal while traveling and practicing in the United States and Italy.

He is certified in Neurochemistry and Nutrition from the American College of Functional Neurology, has served as a State Certified Qualified Medical Examiner and as a Fellow of the Academy of Forensic and Industrial Chiropractic Consultants, and has been certified in the Neuro Emotional Technique.

He has lived in five countries and now practices in San Jose, California. He enjoys bicycling and discovering more about the connections between our health and our physical, mental, and spiritual dynamics.

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