BEWARE: Foods to Avoid

Fat-free! All-natural! Vitamin-enriched! Labels like these guide us through the grocery store. But products that tout nutritional benefits are often anything but good for you. The food industry is given wide leeway to promote their products, so it’s up to us to ferret out the imposters.    That means reading nutrition labels to see what ingredients products actually contain. Some of the worst offenders turn up in foods you’d least suspect. Those so-called health bars, for example, may contain protein and some vitamins and minerals, but they’re often loaded with salt and sugar as well.   And just because something is seasoned with sea salt, doesn’t mean it’s any healthier. “It’s going to have the same amount of sodium as table salt,” says Denise Cole, a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic, but “we need less of it to make our food taste better because it’s a coarser…

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