Bedbugs Like the Smell of Dirty Laundry

By Dr. Mercola

Bedbugs are little parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood, preferably human blood. An adult bedbug is about the size of an apple seed, with a flat brown body. However, after feasting on your blood, their body swells and turns a reddish color.1 Although these tiny insects are a nuisance and multiply quickly, they’re not likely to spread disease.

Typically, these little vampires hide during the day in the crevices of your mattress, couch, dirty laundry or any small crack they can find. They don’t create nests or little homes, but travel and live in groups, making them a little more visible when you search for them in your headboard, behind wallpaper or bedframe. While their body remains as round as an apple seed, they can flatten to the width of a credit card making it easier to fit into small spaces.2

A female bedbug can lay

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