Are Your Stomach Acid Levels High? Test It Using This Ingredient!

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The digestion process is essential for your good health, so when there’s something wrong with it, it can have consequences on your health.

Did you know that the digestion process starts from the mouth?

When we chew, our saliva releases enzymes which begin to break down our food. Then the food goes to the stomach where it expands and releases gastric acid.

This is where the acid needs pH to dissolve any proteins and make vitamin B12 more accessible to the intestines.

However, excessive acid can cause an uncomfortable sensation which causes heartburn. But what if we aren’t producing enough acid?

If this happens, your body won’t have be able to process the proteins properly. This will in turn cause different health problems such as diarrhea and excessive fatigue.

Fortunately, beets can help you figure out what’s going on with your stomach. It’s simple and basic. Just eat some beets and then analyze the color of your urine.

In order to improve this you have several options, such as:

Drink 2 glasses of water 15-30 minutes before eating
Drink apple cider vinegar

Remember that excessive stomach acid can cause heartburn, gastritis and ulcers. So make sure your levels are OK!


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