Are You Really Getting Shorter?

Do you feel shorter than you used to? It’s natural for both men and women to experience loss of height as they age. In fact, a recent report found that height loss is progressive and that people tend to lose ¼ to ½ inch every decade after age 50, with women generally losing more than men.The Huffington Post states that this loss in height is the result of spine deterioration: our spine loses bone density and the gel-like disks that separate each vertebra get worn down. Although a minimal loss of height is a normal part of the aging process, a significant loss in height can be a greater cause for concern and signal health conditions such as compression fractures or osteoporosis. A Loss of Height as We AgeBerkley Wellness reports that there are several contributing factors associated with height loss in older adults, including:Collapsing vertebrae or compression fracturesCompression and dehydration of the

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