Are we all contaminated with chemical toxins?

We are all exposed to thousands of chemicals every day. How much of a risk does this present?

I have reached the age where my family doctor, looking at my family history, recommended I undergo a specific examination. This particular procedure required me to consume only clear liquids for a day, followed by a purgative with packaging that essentially warned me “do not leave your home.” Thinking optimistically, I decided to consider it research: My first goop-worthy cleansing and “detox”. I’m probably loaded with toxins. I don’t buy organic, I don’t wear gloves when I handle receipts, I still use an old Nalgene water bottle, and I’ve never had a good “cleansing”. Would I achieve the enlightenment and wellness that detox and cleansing advocates promise? The reality was much less pleasant: just cramping and food cravings. It took a few days before I felt back to my (presumably toxic)

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