Anti-vaccine sentiment associated with belief in conspiracy theories

Anti-vaccination sentiment is highly correlated with conspiracy thinking

If you think vaccines are ineffective, you’re more likely to claim that 9/11 was an “inside job”, that Princess Diana was murdered, and that a powerful and secretive group known as the New World Order are planning to eventually rule the world. It’s also possible that you’re queasy around blood, or the thought of needles. Finally,you may be angered by anything you perceive as a limit on your freedom. If I’ve just described you, or an anti-vaccinationist you know, don’t be surprised. These correlated beliefs are not uncommon, and are the finding of a massive 24-country survey of over 5,000 adults, conducted across 24 countries. This new research provides us with a deeper understanding of what may underlie anti-vaccine ideology and perspectives, and could point the way to more effective vaccine advocacy programs.

Why can vaccines be a hard sell?


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