Answering Our Critics – Again!

Instead of a new post this week I decided to recycle and revise what I wrote about Answering Our Critics a few years ago, here and here.I thought it was time to visit this issue again, because our critics didn’t get the message. They are still flooding the Comments section with the same old tired arguments we have debunked over and over.

Some people don’t like what we have to say on Science-Based Medicine. Some attack specific points while others attack our whole approach. Every mention of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) elicits protests in the Comments section from “true believer” users and practitioners of CAM. Every mention of a treatment that has been disproven or has not been properly tested elicits testimonials from people who claim to have experienced miraculous benefits from that treatment.

Our critics keep bringing up the same old memes, and I thought it might be useful

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