Another “Chronic Lyme” VIP disciplined by NY medical authorities: Bernard Raxlen

Bernard Raxlen, MD, who devotes more than 90% of his practice to the treatment of so-called “chronic Lyme” disease, is on a three-year probation imposed by the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct (BPMC). Raxlen agreed to probation and a lengthy list of practice requirements last month following allegations, filed in September, of negligence, incompetence, gross negligence, gross incompetence, and failure to maintain adequate patient records.  In doing so, he becomes the second “Lyme literate” VIP disciplined by the NY medical authorities this year. Based on similar charges of professional misconduct, David Cameron, MD, was also put on probation with numerous practice restrictions in June.

Who is Bernard Raxlen, MD?

Raxlen is a psychiatrist and solo “chronic Lyme” practitioner in New York City who says he’s “successfully treated” over 3500 cases of tick-borne disease in the past 15 years.  (He named his practice “Lyme Resource Medical of

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