Another Anti-GMO Paper Retracted

Posted by on March 16, 2016

Retraction Watch is a great website. As the name implies, it focuses on a key aspect of quality control in science, the retraction of scientific papers that have already passed peer-review and were published when serious concerns about those papers come to light.

Retracting published papers is similar to Phase IV clinical trials – tracking side effects of drugs that have already been approved and are on the market. The FDA may recall a drug when post-marketing concerns are raised.

Infascelli’s Woes

Recently the journal animal retracted a paper by Italian researcher, Federico Infascelli. Here is there announcement:

From late September 2015, we received several expressions of concern from third parties that the electrophoresis gels presented might have been subject to unwarranted digital manipulations (added and hidden bands or zones, including in the control samples and the DNA ladder). A…

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